Why Invest

There are many reasons for investing and inevitably each individual is a little different in their needs. In spite of that, there are some broad reasons that cover most people. We have observed the following two reasons regularly.

  1. Retirement planning – Most of us have determined that we are not satisfied to live in the style permitted by government funded retirement plans. With this in mind, it is imperative to gather, either a large cash reserve, or an investment portfolio that continues to generate cash as we age.
  2. Legacy gifting – There is often a fear of large sums of money being poorly invested when placed into the hands of those not experienced in the handling of investment funds. Rather than losing the legacy, it can be invested in perpetuity and thereby provide an income stream for the next generation or charities

Why this structure for this investment?

We researched various structures for over a year before settling on this one. It is important to us to do it right – and to be building on a solid foundation.

First and foremost, we want to provide a sound investment opportunity, It is not dependent on some kind of twisting of the tax rules or exotic maneuvering within the market place. It is a simple business model. It was our choice to begin with a sound investment formula and then allow our investors to utilize whatever tax benefits might be available to them. Tax rules can and do change.

In any kind of investing there is always a trade off between potential for profit and risk. In the midst of global economic uncertainty we feel it is prudent to limit leverage of equity in order to provide protection of the initial investment. Clearly, this does lower returns a little from what it might be BUT it also is significant in reducing the risk that a change in economic circumstance might erase the equity of investors.

Build it simple and build it strong!