What We Offer

Fundamentally, we??do everything possible to create a simple investing experience and couple it with conservative strategies to protect the investor’s affordable paper capital, all the while striking a suitable balance with profiatability. The list of things we must do to accomplish this is lengthy and involves a great amount of detail.

What does Exces Properties Inc. do to earn its money?

The following list will help in understanding:

  • Investigate the macro economics of areas to determine where we might find suitable properties.
  • Investigate neighbourhoods within the selected cities in order to determine suitable areas to purchase.
  • Establish legal structure for investors and property purchase.
  • Screen potential properties, using our urgent essay writing knowledge of rents and local limitations to filter the vendor’s numbers.
  • Make offers, generally multiple offers on multiple properties until one is made available for a price that appears to be fair.
  • Do diligence to learn ALL the details about the property, then close, or not as dictated by the research and numbers (negotiate, negotiate, negotiate).
  • Initiate renovations and upgrades as well as rental increases as laid out in the investment plan for that property.
  • Seek out the best people for the various roles in the maintenance and management of the property. Often, at least for the first while we will do that directly, thereafter we will manage the managers.
  • Review and sign all legal documents.
  • Keep immaculate records of all things related to the property, from accounting to maintenance records.
  • Negotiate and establish accounts with vendors and suppliers.
  • Negotiate and obtain suitable financing at all stages of the investment.
  • Manage all relationships with bankers, realtors and various professionals and other third parties.
  • Establish reporting and payment mechanisms on behalf of the investors.
  • Manage rental rates to gain maximum benefit for the investors.
  • Complete all government and regulatory filings as required.
  • Provide personal guarantees as required for mortgages.

This is not an exhaustive list, but real estate is an arena with endless possibilities and it is our role to discover all that apply to our properties and investors, mitigating the problems and seizing the opportunities. We rely on our expertise to add value to the investment, creating value for all and insuring that the investors are paid first.