Our Projects

Our Current Project technical details can be found in the Offering Memorandum which can be requested via our Contact page form. The information affordable papers here.. here is a snapshot of what it will most probably look like based on current market conditions. Our Past projects serve to point out the scope of experience we have in these types of investments. While past performance in no way guarantees future performance, it does provide evidence of the ability to deliver on the expectations we present.

Current Project

NOTE: The information regarding our current project is hypothetical, and will not be precise for what actually happens. It is for illustrative purposes urgent essay uk only and will be replaced with actual numbers upon acquisition.

Syndicated purchase of approximately 100 apartment units


  • Purchase at about 100,000 per door
  • Investors put up 50% of the purchase price (Bank financing to make up the difference)
  • Average appreciation over past 25 years is approximately 6%. Based on 50% loan to value, that means the ROI based on appreciation alone would be 12%. This part of the ROI is not a cash flowing item
  • Rental income provides cash flow! Building operating expenses are about 35% of gross income.
  • On 100 doors, gross rents would be in the range of $90,0000 per month.After operating expenses, Mortgage payments and Bond interest payments, about $22,000 would remain for property upgrades and disbursement as dividends.

Past Projects

Completed by members of our team, not Exces Properties Inc. This??is no guarantee of future performance

40 units | Condo Conversion


  • Purchased for $81,000 per door
  • Investors put up $720,000 cash
  • Renovations averaged $20,300 per door
  • Sold for average of $112,450 per door

23 units | Buy and Hold


  • Purchased with a low down payment, Investors put up cash
  • Operated for two years on a small but profitable margin
  • Sold to an unsolicited offer after two years
  • Investors earned an unusually high??return on Investment which we will not disclose for fear of establishing unreasonable expectations
  • WE DO NOT anticipate repeating this result!

17 units | Condo Conversion


  • Purchased for low down payment
  • Investor put up Lines of Credit, Project paid interest (no cash cost to Investor)
  • After renovating units at an average cost of $6,500 per door, the units were sold to investors as rental units for a total increase over purchase price of about $14,000 per door.

15 units | Buy and Hold


  • Purchased for $74,500 per door
  • Investors put up cash for down payment
  • Good cash flow each year for 6 years
  • Improvements done to building
  • Sold (in last year) after 6 years for $105,000 per door
  • Returns roughly 20% per year

We have consulted on dozens of other projects at various levels but due to the confidential nature of such engagements, we are unable to disclose information regarding those clients or their properties.

Projects generally provide a return in the 15-25% per year upon final settlements. Again we remind you that past performance is no guarantee of future results.