Eric Peters | President & CEO

EricMr. Peters has real estate in his blood. He grew up in a family involved in every aspect of real estate development and investing. He was a part of neighbourhood design, road building, Utility integration, Building design and Construction as well as property management.

Following the completion of his BSc. Degree and PDAD at the University of Alberta, he and his wife Karen started a printing business in 1976. Starting from nothing they grew it to a substantial size before selling it and returning to real estate investing in the 1990’s.

Initial investment was in single family homes with a transition to multi family in the early 2000’s.Multi family properties have been the focus of Mr Peters for the last decade with numerous projects being completed. Investments included Condo conversions, both for sale to owner occupants and for sale to investors with the largest single project topping $7 million. Buy and hold projects have been very successful as well with the best returns topping 47% per year when sold to an unsolicited offer. Besides doing his own work he has consulted on many more deals to assist new investors enter the market.

In all these activities, Mr. Peters ‘s role has included that of CEO, project manager, sales & marketing manager and property manager.

As a long term member of the Real Estate Investing Network (REIN) Mr. Peters has twice been awarded the ???Top Ten Performer??? award for taking action in the real estate market. He is also a member of the Edmonton Apartment Association as well as the National Association of Church Facility Managers. He is the director of several companies including Exces Inc. of which he is also the President.

Community involvement is a part of Mr. Peters with leadership involvement over the years in a variety of community, church, political and educational organizations. With many years invested in chairing such boards, he is more likely to be serving simply as a board essaytyper member today.